Ep. 56: Interview with the “Black Buddha Rapper” and artist Johnny Hobbes

February 14, 2017

Johnny talks about his month studying a Buddhist temple, and meditating for 7 hours a day.

He talks about how that experience affected his art and purpose.

Ayahuasca was part of Johnny's personal and artistic transformation.

He's been doing stand up to open up his rapping performance.

Johnny Hobbes is his stage name. His real name is  Vance, and we discuss why he's taken on a stage name and what that journey has been like.

Chloé asks Johnny what it was like when his girlfriend was on tour for about a month. Did they have a conversation beforehand? What we the boundaries?

Johnny talks about being open to no ownership in a relationship and not being opposed to more conversations about being apart on the road and with other people.

We ask Johnny what he's learned the most in the years of his relationship. He talks about the ways communication gets easier over time.

Jacob asks Johnny what sex advice he'd give his younger self? Hint...just do it.

Johnny talks about learning to live in learning experiences instead of failures and how that leads to life being great.

Johnny talks about his video campaign where you can record "My experience as a black man in America." #blackmaninamerica #BMIA

We end with a treat! Johnny raps his song "Summons" for us, then we play his single, "Black Man in America."

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