Ep. 57: Male Shame and Sexuality

February 21, 2017

Jacob is changing. He tends to think more than "straight run my mouth."

We're talking about a blog post called "Why does dating men make me feel like shit?" by Emma Lindsay.

She's arguing that she feels shame about her body and self worth when dating men because men feel shame of their sexuality, and project that shame on women.

The argument is that men don't take ownership of their feelings and sexuality and therefore feel ashamed of those feelings.

The difference between saying "I'm really turned on right now" and "You're so hot."

Men tend to not talk to each other about what they really enjoy sexually, and that also leads to feelings of shame.

It's hard to know who you are if you can't talk about what you like. The conversation is what shifts the feeling  from shame to celebration.

Also, it's the one year anniversary of Love and Spit this week!Thank you so much for giving us something to look forward to creating and sharing every week. We do this for you, and we're grateful to you for sharing the show with us.