Ep. 60: Interview with Samantha Best- Curating art and magic vaginas

March 14, 2017

We are interviewing online art curarator Samantha Best. We tell horror stories from the bar/restaurant Jacob and I used to manage in St. Louis. Samantha tells us about her worst job experience working at and living above a pub in London.

Samantha works as a curator, is getting her master's degree and looking at the effects the internet has an art.

She also has a curatorial project online at www.oneonone.net.

Samantha and her boyfriend don't want to get married because they like making the choice to be together every day.

They have an understanding where they can each have a one night stand if they want to. He would want to know if Samantha slept with someone else, but she wouldn't want to know.

We talk about Samantha doesn't need to use sex toys because her fingers work extremely well. She can climax very easily and well through vaginal penetration and we talk about the shame that women feel over different ways of climaxing.

We talk about the phases in a relationship of one person wanting sex more than the other.

What makes Samantha's relationship work is that they are both actively looking to keep learning and growing.

We talk about a study that came out that says long term couples younger than 50 say communication is the mist important thing in relationships, but people over 50 say trust is most important.

We ask Samantha what advice she'd give her younger self. She struggled with bulimia for 10 years, and so she wishes she could show her younger self her magic.

We talk about how to communicate about triggers with your partner when you know they struggle with something.

Samantha also gives one more piece of advice to her younger self: you don't have to swallow if you don't want to!