Ep. 63: How to talk to a partner who is having too many candy bars

April 4, 2017

How do you let your partner know you're concerned about their behavior without being a jerk.

Typically when a person is indulging too much in something, whether that be drinking, eating sugar, watching tv, smoking, the indulging is a symptom of something else that isn't being talked about.

It's important to check in though, because sometimes just knowing the behavior isn't being done in a bubble, it's being seen by someone who cares is enough to start noticing and changing behavior.

We give examples of how we check in with each other, and how we've failed at it in the past. There was a time when Chloé was being a real jerk about Jacob quitting smoking and we talk about how that's changed over time.

Another example is weight gain, which often happens in relationships. We talk about how we checked in with each other about losing weight.

We also talk about too much tv and how to o address that.

So, top three things to keep in mind when talking to your partner about concerning behavior:
1) Have the right intention.
2) Remind your partner that it's ok, and things can always change.
3) Have a little grace and compassion.